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Christmas wish list and gift guide for families

Every family has people who are easy and people who are really hard to shop for this Christmas. DreamList is on a mission to help everyone get more meaningful gifts that are both memorable and thoughtful, so here are some tips we've surfaced from fellow parents.

A common wisdom suggests: "Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read." To rock Christmas 2018-2019 season you can confidently also add "something to do", and "something they dream about" to the list:

  • Contribute to fund something they are saving for
  • Get them a membership to a local zoo or museum they really enjoy.
  • An experience they have never had, or even better, that you can do togehter.

Gifts for a Baby

Congratulations for the new baby in your life! Since babies appreciate the wrapping paper more than the contents, the first year in the little one's life is a unique opportunity for a new parent, aunt, uncle, gradnparent or friend to contribute to something that makes a real difference in the life this wonderful bundle of joy. Use their first Christmas or build a Christmas wish list to add things they will appreciate later on. No matter how pretty, clothes are that age are outgrown in a month or two, and the right toy that is not a repeat can be hard to get. Here are 10 ideas that make a perfect gift for a baby:

  1. Start a 529 College Savings plan and direct families to it to contribute small ammounts over time.
  2. Create a UTMA savings or brokerage account for the little one and put money you would have spent on toys into a high-earning stocks or bonds. Make sure to pick stocks that you believe hold long-term potential, because selling stocks and creating a liquidity event will require tax filings on behalf of your little one for that tax year. We are not financial advisors, so pleace consult one before investing.
  3. A membership to the local zoo for the family. The parents will need a place to take the little one for a walk
  4. Coupons for gift of help or adventure you can give to the parents.
  5. Cloth books - the more crinkly fun the book has, the better. Babies love to hold and play with those up until age 1.

Gifts for a toddler boy or girl

The sight of a gift wrapped in a gift box will beam smiles on the faces of kids that are more precious than jewlery. Toddlers are much easier to please than babies.

  1. Add to their 529 plan or savings account.
  2. Buy toy sets they can build with. From Magnatiles, to Lego Duplos (remember, children under age 3 may swallow small pieces, so keep the lego blocks big), to wooden blocks and toy trains.
  3. A membership to the local zoo, or children's museum for the family.
  4. Coupons for an adventure together, a lecture by you that will teach the little boy or girl something they can brag to friends about - from drawing to feeding goats at the local petting zoo, to playing a simple tune on a xylophone.
  5. Books - from board books to story books, they can enjoy daily.
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