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Create collaborative lists and a family shopping cart across stores! Add items, experiences, places, gifts, and activitis from any store, or web page. Enable partial contributions for larger dreams over time. Collect what everyone wants to do or get and shop together with friends and family.

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Link everyone's wishes, registries, and needs from any store or web page into one private family page. Then on every House Project, Christmas, Housewarming, Graduation, Birthday, Holiday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Secret Santa, and celebration hereafter, shop together and exchange gifts that truly matter to you.

Friends can contribute their cash gift towards your dreams and pursuits, including large future purcuases and stock funds
Fund dreams over time

+ $50 towards a better first computer

+ $50 towards a 529 plan

+ $20 towards a Disney trip

Get closer with every occasion

Add meaningful gifts you can't buy in stores, such as a homecooked meal
Save Experiences, Places, and Activities

Adventure together coupon

Homecooked meal coupon

Doula service for new mom

Unleash your imagination, together

Put anything into you online wish list, wedding registry, or baby registry from any store.
Group Shopping Lists from Any Store

Import Your Other Lists & Registries

Save any item from the web!

Direct Goodwill to causes and friends in need

As easy as a click!

Direct goodwill to people or initiatives that matter to you.
Deepen Relationships

Manage lists together for housewarming & baby registries, birthday wish lists, gift drives

Contact and thank givers

Collect Giver Notes and Cards with each Gift

Reminders built-in

It's Simple and Free!

A shared second brain for families
Collect everything
Products to get (big or small), causes and friends to support, places to go, adventures to do, foods to try, funny stories of memories you've made along the way.
Collaborate on lists
Create and manage as many lists as you want with others (private or public). Make shopping lists for ideas, wishes, needs, travel, and fun. Create recommendation lists of products, causes and activities you love so friends and fans can search your favorites any time.
Invite everyone you care about
Encourage everyone you know to create their dream list and link up, so you can do so much more together!
Family lists that grow with you
Add larger new house gift ideas for partial contributions over time. Friends and family can add small amounts towards your bigger home purchases over one or more occasions to help make more possible and sooner.

Achieve Dreams Together

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DreamList is the first free, privacy-first, ads-free collaborative online wishlist and registry designed for families by families.

Unlike a regular registry, your dream lists can link to any retailer, wish list, registry, experience, activity, or a larger pursuit, so loved ones know what is truly meaningful to you. Then, they can reserve a gift or contribute a partial ammount towards your bigger dreams and bring them closer to reality with every special occasion. Manage dream lists in private or as a team. Create pages previewing multiple wish lists with one link for grandparents, gift drives, or organizations. Share one link with family, that they can refer back to for every special occasion, for life!

Foundations, charitable organizations, schools, and disaster recovery teams also use DreamList to direct goodwill to hundreds of families at scale since Hurricane Harvey, also for free.

We are successful only when you are, and that makes all the difference!

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