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Christmas List maker etiquette and ideas for meaningfull giving this Holiday season | Dream List - crafted by parents.

Christmas wish list and gift ideas in 2024 are not measured by the size of the boxes, but by the impact they leave on the receiver in the long run.

Traditional commerce is an even exchange - you get one and you lose one, the sum total of the exchange for both size should be near zero. However a gift doubles the joy in the world - you receive a gift and your loved one feels great about giving a gift. The sum total of joy is +2!

Gift giving is also a social lubricant - it allows you to break down barriers of conversation, to get to know what truly matters to your loved ones, so you can reach deeper with your gift and make a difference. Therefore to make your Christmas wish list truly the best it can be in the eyes of loved ones, you need two things:

  1. A desire to show what is deeply meaningful to you, by adding things to your list that matter, so they can come up with unique thoughtful ideas for you. And,
  2. A willingess to receive gifts given with true grattitude and express that grattude from the heart whenever you see or get a chance to communicate or give back to that person.

Notice, this is not about reciprocation of gift value! It is about maximizing the expansion of happiness for both giver and receiver. Replying back with "I wish I had given you something!" or "This is way too generous" is the worst way to reply to someone who is looking to show their appreciation to you. You would be turning a happiness-expanding exchange into a transaction (with out come 0). People will remember most how you made them feel when you opened that gift in front of them, or when you talked to them, or sent a note later. Make your Christmas wish list as thoughtful as possible, digging deep into the things that matter to you - from experiences, to projects, to tools that will help you achieve a dream, to trips you want to do with friends, or causes you want to support. That way, you offer an infinite opportunity for visitors to your list to enrich their own world, and give a dream gift they would fill great about.

Best Christmas Wish List tips for the Christmas List Maker on Dream List.
Christmas wish lists are about joy. Manage a Christmas Wish List on DreamList as a couple for kids, or for yourselves. Add adventure coupons for things you want to do together. Let friends and family contribute to your big dreams.

Create your Christmas Wish List.

It's easy to lose sight of the reason behind Christasm gift exchanges. They may feel like a habbit, a competition to show greater love through bigger boxes, at times. Which is why, steering your gift choices towards a strengthening that relationship is always a safe bet. Here are some christmas list tips that come from a relationship-first goal:

Gift Givers

You are not oblidged to purchase or consult anyone's Christmas list. That said, about 9% of gifts given in the US are taken straight back to the store the next day. If you don't want to end up in that staticstic, remember that gifts don't have to be expensive at all, to be loved, if they are thoughtful. A wish list is usually created by a person to save things they hope to get for themselves - it can be a great source of ideas, and a view into what your friends or family members actually need. Things to keep in mind when visiting a Christmas wish list:

  • Consult and ask for wish lists, if you are short on ideas. If someone is hard to shop for, because they don't want stuff, ask them to make a Dream List instead. A Dream List, lets them add not just retail items, but also projects they are working on, trips they want to take, and large purchases they are saving towards. Everyone has dreams, so by asking them for theirs, you can actually make a much more meaningful gift and learn a lot more about what matters to your loved one in the process.
  • Odds are, a wish lister will only use one type of camera, or stroller, etc. If they are wishing for a specific model, don't look for an alternative - get the one they wish for or a completely different type of item.
  • Don't try to exceed your budget, if the wish list doesn't cater to lower-end items. Much more often than not, that is not intentional. People often add things to their wish list they cannot afford to buy immediately due to price. If the other items have been bought out, use the remaining items as a source of ideas, or ask for their DreamList, wich is a lot broader than a retail list that takes time to curate (especially if the receiver is actually less materialistic and doesn't care much for "things").
  • Real estate is expensive, and many struggle to fit large things in their ever shrinking homes. You can save a lot of money and get a lot more heartfelt thanks if you look deeper into the duration of use of gift ideas, instead of size.

Gift Receivers

Whatever the gift, the most important thing you can do is show your deep grattitude for the thought and consideration given by your friends and family. Share a Christmas wish list that actually has things you care about, whether they can be bought from a store, or with time, or with just a show of support, and that would make getting on the same page about gifts a lot easier.

  • Do allow loved ones to express their creativity in their own way.
  • Don't expect people to read your mind. Use your wish list as a window into your world, priorities, and things you find most meaningful in the short and long term. A Christmas wWish list on DreamList will make that a lot easier.
  • Have fun and show your creativity as well. Add ideas you would love to do with friends such as "Coupon for an adventure together", Trips, or Charity ideas they may want to borrow in the future as well.
  • Giving and receiving are both about the relationship, don't worry about reciprocating precisely or at the same price points. Be creative and surprise with an unexpected gift, or a graceous thank you message. Your reply should be remembered as much as you remember the gift.


Think deep about Christmas gift ideas that will make a difference in the long run for your little one. Can you start a 529 College Savings plan for family to contribute to? Add museum memberships, extracurricular classes, camps, or other educational opportunities? Can friends and famly commit to teach the little one a new craft or a sport? Make your child's wishlist one that allows givers to also create postiive memories with you and your family and you will get a lot less clutter and more wonderful moments for the little ones. DreamList makes that easy. Make a more meaningful family wish list in minutes.

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Best Christmas list perks on Dream List.
  • Create a christmas wish list you can add to as a couple
  • Contribute small amounts to meaningful big dreams for little ones like a 529 college savings plan, a museum membership, or a big purchase with every occasion
  • Link or import any other wish list or registry in one place with a link family can remember on upcoming Birthdays or holidays as well.
  • Don't get three trucks - avoid repeats and delicately show items you don't want
  • Private Christmas wish lists (not indexed on search engines by default)
  • Direct goodwill to dream lists of people you care about
  • Dislike stuff? Add the things that trully matter to you, like big dreams, or charities, and friends can contribute!

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