Saint Dominic’s Family Service Annual Toy Drive 2020

Each year we come together to bring the true spirit of the holiday season to life through toy donations & fundraising for the children of St Dominic’s. Though we may not be able to host our annual toy drive in person this year, we ask you all to come together and find it within your hearts to donate. As always your generosity will bring smiles and joy during a time when these children need it most. Please click on any of the below links to donate toys, gift cards or dollar donations and go to to read more about what St Dominic’s does to provide learning and developmentally disabled children with the therapeutic education they need. Thank you for your kindness and our warmest wishes to you and your families this Holiday Season!

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Saint Dominic’s Mission: Saint Dominic's Family Services empowers children, adults, and families facing challenges to thrive in their communities by addressing their needs with compassion, dignity, and care.
Saint Dominic’s Vision: To enable those we serve to achieve their highest potential and live the most independent, stable and fulfilling lives possible.
*SFDS is a 501 (c) 3 organization. All donor participants will receive a letter for tax purposes

Please send all toys to the following address:
Saint Dominic’s Family Services
500 Western Highway S
Blauvelt, NY 10913
c/o Toy Drive 2020

Each toy donated goes to SDFS warehouse where it is hand sorted by age and gender. The staff then hand selects a toy or two per child and it is then wrapped and given to them. Any toys leftover from Christmas are then used and distributed to the children throughout the year for birthdays and special celebrations!

Click for Toy Donations

Saint Dominic's Family Services is a nonprofit human services organization founded by the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt in 1878. They provide foster care and prevention for developmental disabilities, mental health, therapeutic education, and preschool services for over 2,000 children, adults and families in the Bronx, Rockland and Orange Counties. Children's Care Coordination provides home-based services in the Bronx and Rockland County to prevent separation of families, increase family stability and reduce the stressors that the families face.

Donate to St Dominic’s Fundraiser

Please send all gift cards to the following address:
Saint Dominic’s Family Services
500 Western Highway S
Blauvelt, NY 10913
c/o Toy Drive 2020

There are many teenage children that need apparel, tablets and more advanced items. Each gift card collected will be used to purchase items the children need.

Click for Gift Card Donations

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