The Meaningful Registry

Let friends contribute to your dreams year-round on birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, and any occasion. They can put their gift towards your large future purchase fund, favorite causes, trips, projects, or any regular wishlist item.

Track contributions over time. Root for each-other. Fulfill dreams together!

Happy Birthday, David!
$40 towards your first house
$10 towards your books fund
and a suprise gift

(arriving in time for the party)
Love, Jane

Start your First Universal Wishlist that Makes Gifting Meaningful!

We value your privacy. None of the details supplied will be shared with external parties. Privacy & Terms

What is important to you?

On every birthday, holiday, and celebration hereafter, let friends make your day by:

Funding your large pursuits

+ $50 towards a house

+ $50 for creative projects

+ $20 towards a vacation

by Grandpa

Helping you with a project

Make a new job intro

Spread your work

Assist with kitchen remodel

In person or privately online

Buying you a gift

Amazon Wish List

Babies-R-Us Registry

Target Registry

And any item you've saved from the web!

Pledging to a favorite cause


March of Dimes

Doctors Without Borders

You name it!

How does it work?

Achieve dreams faster by
saving with friends!

In addition to regular wish-list purchases, you can now save for a car, a house, a trip, or a cause you support. Show friends your shopping wishlists, or direct their goodwill to a friend in need. Create private lists and public lists. Your list gives everyone options, they can send contributions however they please (via cash, Paypal, check, in person, you name it).
It's that simple!

Start yours now!

It took me 3 years of working summers to save for my first computer when I was a kid. I set up a DreamList for my teen, and he's getting his in months. I'm happy he's learning how to save!

San Francisco, CA

For the first time I can share my list privately with family and friends and link together all of my other store wish-lists and registries. Did I mention I get what I really want now? Love it, love it, love it!

Washington, DC

It's hard to know what anyone wants these days. Buying a gift card is so impersonal. With DreamList I help my grand-daughter save for the house she needs, so she can get it sooner. I can see my impact too - over 5 years grandma helped buy 2% of the house. That's a lot of bricks!

Chicago, IL

Gifts the way you Like them

Something New, Something Better.


Your dream lists can be visible by yourself-only, friends-only, or the public. Parents can create joint lists or a baby registry visible only by family. Newlyweds can set up a meaningful wedding registry, a honeymoon registry, or a group registry for trips.


Need something but don't have the right product yet? Tell our confidential concierge, and receive better options over time until you're happy. Wanna skip repeat gifts? List what you have confidentially and friends will see "owned" or "needed" when they search.


All dream lists are free! We provide reminders, built-in thank-you options, and keep the lights on with a small convenience fee on cash contributions sent through our system.


Send some of your Birthday love to a friend battling tough times, your friends and family can contribute to their lists directly.

Easier. More Personal. Private. Year round!

Fulfill Dreams Together
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