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Dream List empowers you to:

  1. Spread just one link to share with loved ones for life! A Wedding Registry can evolve into a Baby Registry, which can then turn into a Birthday and Christmas wish list. You can import and aggregate multiple store registries for any occasion. Next to your dream lists, soon you can also share stories of adventures together (as a little thank you for visitors). So go ahead, print your dream list link on a family photo and stick it on everyone's fridge!
  2. Manage shopping lists and wish lists or registries privately with one or more people. Parents and grandparents can manage lists for kids together. Couples can shop for the house together. Teams can organize a toy gift drive or a disaster recovery shopping list in seconds.
  3. Add items from any store as well as bigger dreams or experiential gift ideas. A dream list surfaces what is meaningful to you and loved ones.
  4. Receive contrubutions from loved ones towards a big pursuit over multiple years, to help you achieve it sooner. We don't process payments, but we do help you with aggregating contributions, ideas, notes, contributor contact information, contribution instructions, shipping addresses, and size of contributions over time, allowing you to receive the contributions however you prefer and show your progress to those who care about you.
  5. Preserve your privacy and take control of the shopping influences on your wallet. Your dream lists are not indexed on search engines or even the site itself. Only those you share the list with can see it. We're parents building for our own families after all!


Dream list is a tool for shopping lists and wish list / registry collaboration. Wishers share gift ideas, details such as sizes or color preferences, pursuits, and activities worth doing for themselves, kids, families in need, etc. Givers can reserve items to fulfill later or purchase at any store at their own discretion, before shipping or bringing the gift to the wisher. We help prevent repeat purchases, allow the wisher to track who has given what for "Thank You" notes, and provide privacy in the exchange of addresses or preserve the surprise in case questions come up about what is needed, among other things. DreamList is not a store - we do not process orders, advertise, or promote items. If an item you need to buy is out of stock at the linked store, we can help find alternative retailers or reach out to the wisher to ask them for alternative ideas while keeping the element of surprise, for you, the giver, to ensure your gifting experience remain special.

We believe that gifting is a experence that turns one expense into joy for two or more people: the giver, the wisher, and sometimes even the whole family of they can see the joy on a child's face when it receives the gift. We work hard to make that bonding experience and everyone's eyes sparkle a little brighter, especially if family members live away from eachother and can't be together as often.

  1. Browse the list and pick an item you want to give.
  2. Click to reserve the item, so it is taken off of the "Available" list and hiddent from other shoppers.
  3. DreamList will send you an email with details about your gift or contribution. This is important, because it allows you to change your reservation in case you change your mind or the item is out of stock. Clicking "yes" or "no" on your email confirmation immediately updates the status of the item for the list. Email us if you don't see that message in your mailbox.
  4. You can order the item anywhere or buy and bring it in person. In case of a cash contribution - you can send those via the wisher's preferred method or by mail, etc. For items such as 401K contributions or charitable donations on someone's behalf, you can follow the link to the site for the contributions, make your donation, then note back on their Dream List how much you've given. You can also add a gift note for the receiver. That ensures the wisher knows they can look for your gift in the mail (or report missing packages, etc).
  5. The wisher has your contact information from the contribution note and can easily follow up if needed.
  6. If you want to contribute to a loved one's larger dream over time and can see how your contributions add up, you can create a DreamList account with the email you use for gift reservations and all of your contributions and reservations will show up in your dashboard.


Spread DreamList to your friends and loved ones + send us your feedback any time! We grow entirely through word of mouth and we can only do that by building the best shopping collaboration site possible.

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DreamList is the first free, privacy-first, ads-free collaborative online wishlist and registry designed for families by families.

Unlike a regular registry, your dream lists can link to any retailer, wish list, registry, experience, activity, or a larger pursuit, so loved ones know what is truly meaningful to you. Then, they can reserve a gift or contribute a partial ammount towards your bigger dreams and bring them closer to reality with every special occasion. Manage dream lists in private or as a team. Create pages previewing multiple wish lists with one link for grandparents, gift drives, or organizations. Share one link with family, that they can refer back to for every special occasion, for life!

Foundations, charitable organizations, schools, and disaster recovery teams also use DreamList to direct goodwill to hundreds of families at scale since Hurricane Harvey, also for free.

We are successful only when you are, and that makes all the difference!

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