NAAAP Chicago 18th Holiday Toy Drive

NAAAP Chicago 18th Holiday Toy Drive

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Grant a Child's Toy Wish. Deadline for Toy Drop-off: Dec 12, 2020. Select the following lists to see each organization's available drop-off locations.

KAN-WIN's mission is to eradicate gender-based violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault, especially for women and children across Asian American communities and beyond through culturally competent services, community engagement, and advocacy. As a part of the Children's program, KAN-WIN offers ongoing emotional counseling and case management for children and youth survivors of domestic and sexual violence. ELEVATE program is our youth leadership group that centers Asian Americna girls and non-binary people between the ages of 13-19. ELEVATE meets monthly to learn, discuss, and take action against gender-based violence.

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Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA) is a nonprofit social service agency located in Uptown at 1016 W Argyle St, Chicago, IL 60640. CMAA's Diverse Young Leader after school program works with young people ages 5-18 and supports low-income immigrant and minority youth in their academic and professional development. We provide enrichment programs such as science club, arts and crafts, reading time, and health and wellness workshops. We also provide fun enrichment in core school subjects such as math, reading, writing, and spelling. In addition, we provide homework help as needed and tutoring for the Selective Enrollment test to students in 7th and 8th grade.

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RCC’s mission is to foster success for the Rohingya refugees in Chicago and beyond and to be the voice against the genocide being waged against the Rohingya by the Myanmar government. RCC offers Case Management, ESL Classes, Citizenship Classes, Soccer Club, Homework Help, and Religious Education. Youth services are very important to RCC because the children are our future.

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The Cambodian Association of Illinois (CAI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, comprehensive social service organization founded in 1976 by a group of Cambodian refugee volunteers responding to the need of Cambodian resettling in Chicago. The Children and Youth Program serves 70 youth 6-24, some of whom are children or grandchildren of Cambodian refugees. Their families face multiple social and environmental risks, including poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence, illiteracy, and language barriers. CAI programs use a holistic family-centered approach, addressing personal and socio-economic issues from a community-specific, culturally-sensitive perspective.

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