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David's DreamList

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This is a running dream list of my pursuits to share with close friends and family. If you are looking for wishlists for my Birthday or other occasions, this is it. I am also very much open to surprises, but these are the things I personally ffind most meaningful. Whatever you choose, I’m sure would be wonderful.

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Swimming Fund

I've compete in open waters. This bucket funds travel and gear.

To contribute:

Books fund

I love to read. This goes to kindle purchases whenever a good new book comes out.

Online price: $20

and Buy

We love skiing. Contribute or better yet, let's go skiing together in Pentalaramona!

How to contribute:
Send a check, or:

Game of Thrones

I have several seasons, but I am saving for the rest.

Online price: $20

and Buy
Photography Collection
The Photo Albums

I love capturing the moment as often as the moment captures me. See hundreds of hours of editing and thousands of miles of travel in my pursuit of perfect moments.


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